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2011探索台灣夏日密集學程 2011 Exploring Taiwan International Summer Program


The NCCU International Summer School and  NTU's summer+ "Plus One" program , which are lectured by leading university faculties, will bring you an interdisciplinary understanding of Taiwan in the global context.

NCCU International Summer School (ISS)

The NCCU International Summer School will bring you an interdisciplinary understanding of Taiwan in the global context. Students will enjoy intensive classes from the summer program* in relation to Asia-Pacific culture, economic development and Chinese language. Moreover, NCCU ISS will enable you to interact with and learn from an international group of fellow students with diverse cultural backgrounds.  

  NTU 2011 Summer Intensive Program

NTU's summer+ "Plus One" program combines NTU Chinese Language program with thought-provoking Exploring Taiwan academic courses taught by experienced university professors. This combination is especially designed for international students who wish to master Chinese language while also gaining a deeper understanding of Taiwan's geography, society, and culture heritages. Exploring Taiwan courses are taught in English. 


校名: National Chengchi University
中文課程名稱: 2011探索台灣夏日密集學程
英文課程名稱: 2011 Exploring Taiwan International Summer Program
建立日期: 2014/03/07
更新日期: 2014/11/23 14:43:07
學分數: 2 學分
領域類別: English Courses
授課教師: NTU+NCCU Faculties
授課方式: Lectures


National Chengchi University--2011 International Summer School

Being in Taiwan not only allows a student to survey Chinese cultural heritage, but also takes a very close look at global events surrounding the region. Technologically, Taiwan has the world's most intensive and concentrated information networks; but our most prized element, though, is our exceptionally friendly, honest, modest and democratic-minded people. Topographically, Taiwan also has beautiful natural landscapes and a richly diverse environment (beaches, mountains, lakes, fields . . . all within a short trip from one another).

Taking part in NCCU international summer course will allow students to stand with us astride the boundaries between natural and cultural, the traditional and contemporary boundaries…and most memorable of all, experience first-hand the beauty of Taiwan.


National Taiwan University--Summer Intensive Program

Through the series of lectures, students are expected to have general knowledge of the environmental issues, culture, and music of Taiwan. It is also a good chance for students to experience the diversity of Taiwan, in the encounter between the local life and international inspiration, as well as with the past, present, and the future of the island Formosa. 


 Available for all international students who are interested in Taiwan culture.