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全球衛生 Essentials of Global Health

詹長權,鄭雅文, 林先和 (National Taiwan University)

 This introduction of global health program is designed for undergraduate students, including those who will devote to public health field, as well as those students who has never been involved with the public health field and will not study any other publi
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課程教材 Teaching materials
Ch 1. Introduction   / 詹長權,林先和,鄭雅文
Ch 2. The principles and goals of global health   / 詹長權Chang-Chuan Chan
Ch 3. Measures of global health   / 林先和Hsien-Ho Lin
Ch 4. Communicable disease   / 林先和Hsien-Ho Lin
Ch 5. Global chat   / TAs
Ch 6. Inequalities in health   / 鄭雅文Yawen Cheng
Ch 7. Employment conditions, psychosocial stress a...   / 鄭雅文Yawen Cheng
Ch 8. Environment and health   / 詹長權Chang-Chuan Chan
Ch 9. Health and Poverty   / 曾育慧Mayeesha T. Khan
Ch 10. Health Care Industry(Guest speech)   / 張鴻仁Prof. HongJen Chang
Ch 11. Pharmaceutical Companies   / 黃文鴻Weng-Foung Huang, Ph.D.
Ch 12. Malawi Experience   / 余廣亮
Ch 13. Final Global chat