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台灣音樂的傳統與現代 Traditional and Contemporary Music of Taiwan

顏綠芬 (Taipei National University of the Arts)

The course is divided into 8 sections. The first section is the introduction to the musical culture of Taiwan. In the following 4 sections, Folksong, Ballad Singing, Gezaixi (Taiwanese Opera), and the Music of Nanguan (Lâm-koán) will be introduced. The last
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課程教材 Teaching materials
Ch 1. Introduction to Music Culture of Taiwan   / Lu-Fen Yen
Ch 2. Folksong and Ballad Singing   / Lu-Fen Yen
Ch 3. The Origin and Development of Gezaixi (Taiwa...   / Lu-Fen Yen
Ch 4. The Music of Gezaixi   / Lu-Fen Yen
Ch 5. Nanguan(Lâm-koán)- A Lyrical Traditional Musi...   / Lu-Fen Yen
Ch 6. The introduction of Western music, the origin...   / Lu-Fen Yen
Ch 7. The Influence of Nationalism on Composers and...   / Lu-Fen Yen
Ch 8. A Song of Formosa:Tyzen Hsiao’s Nostalgia   / Lu-Fen Yen