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台灣音樂的傳統與現代 Traditional and Contemporary Music of Taiwan


The course is divided into 8 sections. The first section is the introduction to the musical culture of Taiwan. In the following 4 sections, Folksong, Ballad Singing, Gezaixi (Taiwanese Opera), and the Music of Nanguan (Lâm-koán) will be introduced. The last 3 sections are about contemporary art music, centering on its development, famous composers and their compositions.


校名: Taipei National University of the Arts
中文課程名稱: 台灣音樂的傳統與現代
英文課程名稱: Traditional and Contemporary Music of Taiwan
建立日期: 2014/03/17
更新日期: 2014/11/13 15:40:11
學分數: 2 學分
領域類別: English Courses
授課教師: 顏綠芬


The student will gain knowledge of:

1. the variety of Taiwanese music.
2. the history of traditional music.
3. the development of Taiwanese contemporary music.
4. the famous works of Taiwanese composers.
5. the relationship between Taiwanese music and the trends of the world.