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臺灣生物多樣性 Introduction to the biodiversity of Taiwan

胡哲明 (National Taiwan University)

This course is part of the "Exploring Taiwan" series courses at NTU and aimed for the introduction to the biodiversity in Taiwan. The course is conducted in English, in order to ease the learning for international students, a
點閱 2,223 次 (22 次/本月)

課程教材 Teaching materials
Ch 1. Introduction to biodiversity   / Jer-Ming Hu
Ch 2. Natural history and exploration in Taiwan   / Jer-Ming Hu
Ch 3. Campus tour and TAI herbarium   / Jer-Ming Hu
Ch 4. NTU Zoological museums   / Yu-Teh Lin
Ch 5. Biota of lowland Taiwan   / Jer-Ming Hu
Ch 6. Biota at mid to high altitude   / Jer-Ming Hu
Ch 7. Biodiversity of the Intertidal ecosystems   / Benny K.K. Chan
Ch 8. Fauna in Taiwan   / Jer-Ming Hu
Ch 9. Dolphins and whales in Taiwan's water   / Lien-Shiang Chou
Ch 10. TFRI Insect Museum   / Sheng-Shan Lu
Ch 11. TFRI Insect Museum   / Jung-Tai Chao / Shen-Shan Lu
Ch 12. Plants and people in Taiwan   / Jer-Ming Hu
Ch 13. Status of conservation biology in Taiwan   / Jer-Ming Hu
Ch 14. Special topic: The yin and yang of plants   / Jer-Ming Hu
Ch 15. (Special Talk-1) Coral Reef Ecology Conservat...   / Tung-Yung Fan